Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sweet As A Rose

When we moved in our house, I noticed there were a few rose bushes around the house.

I'm ashamed to say now that after dogs, planting other bushes, and just plain ol' neglect, there is only one left, but I have taken to caring for it and giving it it's best life.

The beautiful white blooms make me wish it could talk.

Strange.  Let me explain...

As I was talking to a neighbor, she told me that two owners before us was a sweet old lady that lived in our house.  And she had beautiful roses everywhere... I wish I could sit on my front porch with a glass of iced tea and learn everything there is to know about roses from a sweet old lady.  But since I can't, I will settle for enjoying a piece of beauty that she loved and (knowingly or unknowingly) passed on.

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