Friday, March 26, 2010

Jalapenos y Queso Fresco

I hope the title says something along the lines of fresh jalapenos and cheese. I'm really not sure though.

I just made these today and thought I'd blog my step-by-step how to (even though it IS close to rocket science. Insert sarcasm)... I may also just be trying to channel my favorite blogger, Pioneer Woman, but let's move on.

First you need fresh jalapenos (I used 4 today), cream cheese (1/2 to 3/4 of a block, or whatever you have on hand), bacon (4 pieces), and seasonings of your choice. I apologize to those who need exact measurements. I have this illness that hinders me from using measuring utensils when it comes to cooking. Please don't hold it against me.

To choose seasonings, open your cabinet, close your eyes and pick a few. Anything will be delicious. My choice today was Lawry's seasoning, some Italian seasonings, and garlic powder. Garlic is my reason for being. I love it dearly, and if it were taken away from me, you might as well take my life.

Next, cut the jalapeno tops off, and slice the peppers in half. Scoop out the seeds and veins with a spoon. This is where all of the heat is, which makes me a bit sad because I love a jalapeno that leaves me crying for a glass of milk and my mommy. But in this recipe, they'll just get in the way, so scoop away. Careful not to squirt jalapeno juice in your eye. It's not fun. And it burns a little. I know this by experience.

Soften the cream cheese. Mix in your selected seasonings and scoop into a ziploc bag.
Cut the end off and pipe into the jalapeno halves.

Wrap each pepper with half a piece of bacon and secure with a toothpick. I only had turkey bacon, and it worked. Once again, just use what you have.
Broil for 8-10 minutes on a rack about 2 down from the top. We don't want to burn the bacon and not get the peppers warm.

Don't worry if the bacon spits and hisses at you while under the broiler. Their mamas didn't teach them right, don't hold it against them. They don't know any better.

When bacon is nice and crispy, remove and enjoy! You can share with friends, or if you're pregnant, eat them all yourself and consider it your lunch :)


  1. Nice work! Great photos! :) I think you should keep posting recipes!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. I'm super sad because all of the photos on this post (AND your niece post) have red X's instead of photos! :( And I know this one in particular would have been MOUTH WATERING!

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  4. I LOVE the Pioneer Woman, I just bought her cookbook the other day. Those look so yummy and I've been wanting to try making those some day.