Monday, March 29, 2010

First Grill of the Season...

and it was gooooood. Really good :)

My genius sis-in-law shared this with me not too long ago...

Brilliant, I tell you.

Just brilliant.

So we all hate waiting for our meat to thaw, then waiting at least 30 minutes for it to marinate (that's if you're in a hurry)...

SO she mentioned, "I put my boneless, skinless chicken breasts individually in zipper baggies, then add my marinade, then stick it in the freezer". That way, you take out however many pieces you want (try not to leave them on the counter overnight... I blame it on the pregnancy), and as it is thawing, either in the fridge all day or on the counter for the afternoon, it is also marinating itself!!

What did I tell you? Magnificent. I know.

And delicious. My piece was so juicy and marinated. The side caesar salad helped the deliciousness of everything too.

A perfect way to wake the grill from hibernation.

Oh and PS, these were not the pieces I left on the counter. I may be pregnant, but not that crazy.

Not yet.

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