Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Are You Kidding Me?!"

Last Thursday and Friday I got to watch the two cutest nieces in the world :) Megan had to work a seminar-thingy, so her parents dropped Ava and Ellie at our house around 7:30, the girls went to bed about 8:30, so we didn't have time to start any adventures besides making a fort. Fort-making is my all-time favorite thing to do, and I'm pretty sure Ava didn't really care about the building process, but she liked getting in after construction was complete :) I slept with one eye open, waking every once in a while thinking "was that Ellie making noise?" I guess a small glimpse of motherhood? :) Friday, when the girls woke up, we all got in my bed and watched some cartoons and played for a bit before I went in to start some pancakes (Mickey Mouse style).
I guess I waited a little long because the bottomless pit we like to call Ellie was literally shaking she was so excited about the food. And I'm pretty sure she ate more than Ava and me put together... talk about the perfect metabolism to bottle and sell! My wonderful mom came over so I could shower. I kind of felt like a failure since I didn't get up before the girls and get ready for the day, but mom reminded me that I didn't grow into having two kids over 3 years, and that's why they arrive immobile and (usually) one at a time. Moving right along... the number one phrase I heard all day from Miss A was "are you KIDDING me!?", I die everytime she says that :) We went to Sedgwick County Park, and when we arrived, Ava in her most ecstatic voice says "oh my goodness! you made it to the park!! You're going to get a sticker when you get back to my house."
Here are a few thing I was reminded of throughout the day:
1. one-year olds will put ANYthing in their mouth
2. one-year olds are quick... and will eat dogfood if you take your eyes off them for 1.7 seconds
3. chocolate animal cookies might be the greatest snack ever
4. you can get a three year old excited about anything if you use the word "special"

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  1. Ahhhahahah! It is all true! You are NEVER a failure b/c you don't get up before the kids, that is a success b/c you maximized your sleep!