Thursday, November 17, 2011


I heart crafting.  I love seeing something and being inspired to recreate it in my own way.  Pinterest has definitely been putting the bug in me lately.  Here's what I've been up to...

This was a bright orange extra large mens pullover hoodie... Added some darts, took out some fabric in the arms, changed the color with some black dye.  Now it's my cute "loungey" sweatshirt :) 

"Sweater pillow".  Also used the sweater arms for boot "sock tops" 
(sweater found at thrift store for $1.50)

I've been looking for a red cardigan. Not burgundy, not maroon, just red (and not spend $50).  
Found this at the Goodwill for $1.50.  New buttons were $2 
(the new buttons are the top ones, in case you were wondering; jewel-studded isn't really my taste ;)

I've recently discovered the amazing-ness of painter's drop cloths.  Cheap. Neural color. But can be dyed or painted. Already hemmed (awesome for certain crafts and curtains!) 

Bought a large comforter at DAV ($6), drop cloth ($10), and velcro ($.79)... So for less than the price of one store-bought dog bed, I made two :)
One thing I love about crafting is being able to make things exactly the way I want them.  I sewed the comforter so it won't fall apart or clump when it gets washed, and I put velcro on one of the short sides of the cover so everything is easily taken apart and washed.  I'm thinking about stenciling their initial on the bottom corner. What do you think?
 I think they likey :) 

Projects in the making: new art for the living room, and recliner chair reupholstered... Coming soon :)

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