Thursday, November 11, 2010

{Four Weeks}

Yesterday Emmalyn was 4 weeks old, but Saturday is her one month... This is a conundrum I've given up trying to solve.  Hopefully no one will ask me how old she is from now to Saturday, I don't know what to say!! ;)

My sweet little girl - At one month you have finally gotten back up to your birth weight at 7lb. 12oz.  At birth you were 22", now you are 21". We are thankful for that, because that means your cone head has gone away.  I loved you with it, but you're much prettier without it.  You eat well, so I guess you're just not in a hurry to gain weight. Actually you're not in a hurry to do anything, which we already knew given your arrival story. But maybe you take after your maternal grandma and you'll be tall and thin :) Speaking of eating, you take your sweet time doing that too. Silly girl. Your umbilical cord has yet to fall off...  Just another part of you that is in no rush, much to mom's chagrin. It's yucky and I would much rather see your cute little belly button :) You smile, really really big sometimes. It's not quite on demand, but I can usually coax it out of you if I try hard, and wait long enough.  After you eat is when you're most awake. You talk to us then, and it's stinking adorable.  After you sneeze, you make the cutest *sigh* sound... I'll get it on video someday :)  You go to sleep to the sound of my hair dryer and the sweeper, and the dogs barking doesn't bother you in the least bit. Can we say "convenient"? :) And about sleeping - you've gone about 5-7 hours from about 10pm-4am(ish) here lately.  Other than that, you wake up to eat every couple/few hours.  

I could go on, in true parent fashion, but I'll stop now and just say...

Happy one month, my sweet baby love.

I just realized that I forgot to post week 3, hence the back to back "week" posts :)

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